The Pines Studio for Pilates

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is a combination of yoga and aerial arts.  It incorporates Pilates principles (which focuses on proper form and core strength), strength training, and acrobatics all in one! 

The aerial apparatus is often referred to as fabric, silks, tissue, etc.  In Aerial Yoga we loop the fabric to create a sling or hammock.  The fabric can either assist a movement or make it more difficult depending on the placement. 

Aerial Yoga is great for all levels of ability to participate in a class due to the adaptability of the hammock.  It is good for all ages, shapes and strengths.  What strength you do not yet have, you will build while trying.

Aerial Yoga increases flexability, strength, balance, increases blood flow to the brain, challenges the mind, and makes you feel like a kid again!